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The D.T. and their importance


When one speaks of soccer, no there will be fan that has not been made some of these questions.

Does all impact in the operation of the team the Technical Director?
Does all have of responsibility in the victories and in the defeats?

The answers are exposed to diverse opinions. I believe that in my trajectory of professional player first and today like Technical Director ,y always took for granted the function and responsibility in the moment to assume the conduction of a professional team.
The soccer evolves in dynamics, it is played and he/she is solved in more reduced spaces to weigh that the game field has the same dimensions.
They have changed some game rules; y that he/she makes that the soccer is different. The physical part the works and current concepts don't have anything to do with the past.
Today the player should be effective in the smallest space and possible time.

The D.T. it tints that to have clear that the authority is won it is not imposed, what is imposed is the disciplinarian, the handling of the group it should be clear, to be managed with the truth (view Code of Honor, in spanish)
If it is responsible for the attitude of the team, y that if you can achieve short term.

The player is intuitive, and he/she will surrender when the D.T. demonstrate respect to their players, knowledge, manliness of well, and to know how to try equally to all.

The D.T. it will put their manifesto capacity, in the conformation of the facility (subordinated to the part financial and the ability of the leaders).

The strongest institutions have bigger possibilities that the weakest clubs.
It is responsible for it deportive identity and this leaves in general to medium term.

And lastly the sport results mark the road, and to win is the end of all D.T.
It is clear that without good players and that they are informed with the cause, it is very difficult to achieve the sport Successes."
The D.T. he/she works in the strategy, in the technician-tactical thing, in the psychology grope and singular. but the one that defines the parties and it is taken the applauses he/she is the PLAYER OF SOCCER.

To be successful as D.T. it is not alone the sum of victories and holding, but also to leave prints in the soul of the player, and that these they can be transmitted, because... THE ONE THAT LOVES THE SOCCER AND EVERYTHING FOR HIM, LOVES TO THE SAME LIFE...

Dr. Fernando Rodríguez Riolfo

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